Assessments & Evaluations

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Comprehensive evaluations that examine the various facets of your life in order help our patients find the answers they are looking for and to build a treatment plan that best helps a patient reach their goals.

Our Assessments and Evaluations

We provide assessments and evaluations for:

Learning Disabilities

Other Mood Disorders

School Entrance Examinations

Gifted Evaluations

How Our Process Works

In psychology, evaluations are conducted for several reasons. A patient may need accommodations at school or work. Sometimes specific treatment goals need to be identified. Other times, your physician may refer you to see if medication may be needed as part of your treatment plan.

You can think of an evaluation as having three parts.

1st Appointment

Your first appointment is called an intake or clinical interview. In this appointment, you or your child will sit down with our doctor and discuss your presenting concerns and discuss your medical, academic, and social history, as well as the reason for needing an evaluation. From this appointment, it may be recommended that further testing is conducted.

2nd Appointment

Your second appointment is your testing appointment. This can involve further discussion, filling out questionnaires about how you have been thinking or feeling, or taking tests.

3rd Appointment

The third part of the evaluation process is called the feedback. During this part, the doctor will review your assessment results and you will discuss any diagnoses that you may have. A treatment plan is presented and any next steps that are necessary are discussed.

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